What does the proctologist treat? The best proctologists of Moscow: where they take, how to make an appointment, how to prepare for the examination

Any diseases affecting the gastrointestinal tract, require a serious approach to treatment. The most unpleasant are pathologies of the rectum. If you have a disease localized in this segment of the intestine, you need to consult a proctologist.

The first thing that patients face when they need to visit the office of this narrow specialist is embarrassment and modesty. Deciding to talk about such a delicate problem, such as hemorrhoids, is not easy. But you need to remember this: while you are ashamed of your physiology, the disease progresses, acquiring a chronic form, which subsequently does not exclude the lack of alternative surgical intervention.

What does the proctologist treat

This is a specialist narrow profile, which is engaged in the diagnosis, therapy and prevention of diseases of the large intestine, anus and adjacent internal organs. When treating patients, the proctologist uses conservative and surgical techniques.

In his practice, the doctor is faced with many diseases. Their list is wide enough, but the most common problems that patients address are:

  • polypous growths;
  • hemorrhoids;
  • bowel injury;
  • extraction of foreign bodies from the intestines;
  • prolapse of the rectum;
  • parasitic invasions;
  • diverticulosis;
  • anal fissures;
  • colitis;
  • cancers;
  • proctitis;
  • paraproctitis.
Reception of the proctologist

Hemorrhoids as a reason for referring to proctologists

This disease can truly be called the most common in proctology. Most often, the pathology is diagnosed in the weaker sex. The disease develops, usually during pregnancy or after childbirth. At the same time, it cannot be said that men are completely unaffected by this problem. In recent years, hemorrhoids are increasingly being diagnosed, the reason for which is the lack of full-fledged physical activity of the population, mainly a sedentary lifestyle.

Proctologists say that hemorrhoids can develop at any age, regardless of social status and type of activity. Various factors are capable of provoking the swelling of hemorrhoids, their significant increase in size. Among the reasons that cause this proctological disease, most often lead to hemorrhoids:

  • chronic constipation;
  • frequent use of cleansing enema or a laxative drug;
  • sedentary lifestyle;
  • heavy exercise;
  • following a strict diet for a long time;
  • unbalanced diet with a predominance of protein and fatty foods;
  • pregnancy and childbirth;
  • enhanced sports training;
  • genetic predisposition;
  • abuse of alcoholic beverages products, as well as spicy and fatty foods;
  • failure in the functioning of the hormonal background;
  • Frequently under stress.
consultation of the proctologist

How is the reception

Patients who apply to a specialist with complaints are subject to mandatory inspection. The initial examination is a finger examination of the rectum, palpation of the abdomen. At the reception, the proctologist examines the patient’s history, taking into account the symptoms and complaints, designates instrumental diagnostic procedures.By the way, the doctor tells each patient how to properly prepare for the study, what foods should be excluded from the diet, how to clean the intestines. These requirements are mandatory, for example, for colonoscopy and rectoromanoscopy. Additional diagnostic methods are intestinal radiography with a contrast agent, fecal occult blood analysis, irrigology, anoscopy.

When do you need consultation proctologist

Diseases that are within the competence of the specialist, affect the walls, blood vessels of the rectum and nearby organs. All of them are accompanied by certain symptoms, painful and uncomfortable sensations. The reason for making an appointment with a proctologist is the appearance of one of the following symptoms:

  • itching and irritation in the anus and lower abdomen;
  • bleeding after bowel movement;
  • soreness during acts of defecation;
  • the presence of abrasions and cracks of the anus;
  • upset stool, nausea;
  • loss of hemorrhoids;
  • pulsation of the rectum.

Most of these symptoms fit the description of a number of diseases: hemorrhoids, benign polyps, colorectal cancer.If the malignant nature of the pathology is confirmed, it is impossible to hesitate; the treatment is started soon. But this does not mean that other diseases are not dangerous and allow you to postpone a visit to the doctor on the back burner. Many of them may be complicated by the development of a purulent-inflammatory process in the tissues (abscess), the appearance of a fistula.

proctologist doctor reviews

In the early stages, almost all diseases are successfully cured conservatively with the help of medicines. In some cases, minimally invasive interventions are performed during diagnostic procedures. In case of such complex diseases as paraproctitis, fistula, diverticulosis, malignant tumor, one cannot do without radical intervention.

You should go to the proctologist's appointment if you have at least one of the symptoms described. Ignore the disease of the rectum is impossible - any benign pathologies have a chance to turn into malignant when exposed to various factors.

Proctologic diagnosis

Both coloproctologist and proctologist are representatives of the same narrow specialization.Coloproctology is a new name for the medical branch “Proctology”, dedicated to the study of diseases of the large intestine. It was adopted in 1997.

In order to diagnose the disease more accurately, the application of minimally invasive instrumental methods is required. The examination is carried out by the proctologist after the preliminary preparation of the patient. Briefly about each of the survey methods, you can say the following:

  • Anoscopy is a study of the mucous membranes of the rectum, which involves the introduction of the anoscope to a depth of 12 cm from the anal ring.
  • Rectoromanoscopy. Unlike the previous method, this provides the opportunity to explore the distant parts of the lower intestinal section (approximately 25 cm from the anus). The doctor uses a machine called a rektoskop.
  • Colonoscopy. This technique is a variation of the endoscopic examination, where with the help of a special probe and a small camera you can view almost the entire colon.
  • Irrigoscopy. Alternative radiography, which is performed using a specific contrast agent and allows you to take pictures of the mucous membranes in the canal of the anus.
doctor proctologist that treats women

At the consultation, the proctologist will tell the patient how to properly prepare for any of these procedures. After examination and diagnosis, the specialist will continue to monitor the patient throughout the entire period of therapy. The establishment and elimination of the factor provoking the disease plays a significant role in the preparation of a treatment plan. It is important to determine such therapeutic and prophylactic tactics that will help alleviate the condition of the patient and prevent the progression of the disease.

How to prepare for the inspection

Before you go to a specialist for consultation or diagnosis, you should know how to prepare. To the proctologist you must bring with you all the necessary documents (insurance policy, passport and medical card), a clean diaper and do not forget about the replacement shoes or shoe covers.

If any of the diseases of the rectum is suspected, the proctologist should probe the anus and the anus, so before receiving a doctor’s attention, it is necessary to empty the intestines and carry out appropriate hygiene procedures. By the way, if it is not possible to naturally defecate, you can put an enema (microclyster) or take laxatives that are sold in any pharmacy.It is desirable to take care of bowel movements in two stages - in advance in the evening and in advance before going to the doctor in the morning. Breakfast before a visit to the proctologist is also not recommended, since a specialist may prescribe a blood test, which is given on an empty stomach.

where does the doctor take a proctologist

Other doctors you can contact

Many people living in small towns or remote locations often do not have the opportunity to visit specialized specialists. If there is no proctologist, which doctor should you ask for help? Other doctors can also recognize the diseases of the rectum and prescribe treatment. In the absence of the opportunity to visit the proctologist, you can consult:

  • At the therapist. This specialist is able to identify the pathology of internal organs and is competent in conducting diagnostic studies. As for prescribing drugs, the therapist will be able to prescribe antispasmodic and analgesic drugs. At the same time to carry out a full examination by a therapist is impossible.
  • At the gynecologist. It's no secret that the proctologist treats women. The problem of hemorrhoids has to face many women during pregnancy and after childbirth.The gynecologist will help the patient to choose the right drugs, rectal suppositories.
  • At the surgeon. The field of activity of surgeons is the anatomical features of the human body, including the lower part of the intestine. With appropriate qualifications, the doctor may examine the patient for the presence of hemorrhoids, tumors, cracks and prescribe treatment.

Where does the proctologist take

Free consultation from a specialist of this profile can be obtained in the municipal medical institutions under the policy of compulsory medical insurance. If you suspect a rectal neoplasm, you should contact the oncology department of proctology.

if there is no proctologist to which doctor

Where does the proctologist take a fee? In private medical centers. In such clinics, various consulting and diagnostic services are provided, surgical treatment is carried out, and there are inpatient departments. In Moscow, for example, there are about three such clinics. About each of them, users leave feedback, so choose the most appropriate institution for the cost of services, location and work schedule.The most popular clinics where proctologists take, according to reviews, are:

  • “K + 31” on Lobachevsky, 42, p. 4.
  • "Clinical hospital" on the Yauza.
  • "Miracle Doctor" on the "Square Ilyich" (st. School, d.49).
  • "Best Clinic" on Spartakovsky Lane.
  • "CM Clinic" on Clara Zetkin.
  • "MediciSiti" on Poltava.
  • ZELT on Enthusiasts Highway 62.
  • "Delta Clinics" on Mentoring Lane.
  • "Nearmedic" on Zhukov Avenue.

Keeping up with the times: the Internet to help patients

Doctors proctologiststhere are more than a hundred in the capital, therefore it is difficult to identify the best specialists: many of them are headed by various ratings, which are lined up taking into account the comments and responses of patients. How to be in such a difficult situation, how to make the right choice? In Moscow, the most popular service is docdoc.ru, which allows users to obtain information about the education of a specialist of interest, his work experience, degree, and research materials. Also here you can find negative and positive reviews about proctologists.

The system works very simply. All that is required of the client is to go to the above site, click the button “Sort by rating” or “Sort by reviews”.Thus, you can select a specialist and make an appointment with him. Thanks to the opinion and assessment of those who have already visited this proctologist, the probability of getting to an unqualified or unprofessional doctor is reduced to zero.

According to reviews of Muscovites, this online service displays up-to-date information about the availability of free coupons to a specific specialist. Similarly, the recording is made to the proctologist. It is enough to click on the “Book an appointment” button, in the opened lines enter your data, contact phone number. After some time, the patient will be called back to clarify all the nuances of the visit to the doctor - the date, venue and cost of the consultation.

make an appointment with the proctologist

The most famous doctors in the capital

As already noted, there are many proctologists in Moscow. For example, on the site mentioned above there is information about 103 specialists: personal data, experience, address where the doctor accepts, and his schedule, telephone number for appointment, consultation cost and, of course, reviews. Ratings are different: "excellent", "amazing", "very good." Top 10 experts are as follows:

  • Chuiko Grigory.
  • Baichorova Zemfira Uzeirovna.
  • Bashankaev Nikolai Andreevich.
  • Manannikova Maria Alexandrovna.
  • Dzhalilov Shakir Shahbadinovich.
  • Vantsinova Elena Vladimirovna.
  • Zagirov Fizuli Abumuslimovich.
  • Danilov Andrey Ilyich.
  • Markov Sergey Valerievich.
  • Savina Anna Valerievna.

For example, Bashankaev Nikolai Andreevich - one of the most experienced specialists with forty years of experience in proctology, candidate of medical sciences. The cost of admission is 2100 rubles. Surgeon-proctologist Bashanka during the labor activity helped more than 14 thousand patients. By the way, Nikolai Andreevich was one of the first to perform operations with the help of a laparoscope. It is addressed in the most difficult and neglected cases - in cases of colorectal, rectal and perineal diseases. According to the patient reviews, Bashankaev applies the methods he developed to relieve hemorrhoidectomy, he has effective techniques of coccygodynia and control of anal itching. Specialist from year to year passes advanced training courses in the specialty “Surgery”, “Coloproctology”, “Gerniology”.

Maevsky Vladimir Leonidovich, a graduate of the Gorky State Medical Institute, a surgeon-proctologist with more than 30 years of experience, receives warm reviews from patients.The cost of taking Vladimir Leonidovich is 1750 rubles. The doctor specializes in performing complex operations on the organs of the abdominal cavity, chest, limbs, perfectly possesses the technique of laparoscopic interventions. Mayevsky is a frequenter of the scientific and practical forums on surgery and proctology.

Vladimir Sergeyevich Tolstykh - Head Doctor of the Medical Center "Bioss" in Moscow. In addition to administrative activities, a specialist conducts operations on the rectum every day. A special feature of Tolstoy’s specialization is radio wave and laser surgery, minimally invasive treatment methods. Vladimir Sergeevich is recommended to contact patients with hemorrhoids: the proctologist is famous for the technique of non-surgical treatment of this disease.

Reznik Evgenia Alexandrovna - a young specialist in the field of diagnosis and treatment of proctologic pathologies, including rectal tumors, fistulas, paraproctitis, anal fissures, hemorrhoids. Evgenia Alexandrovna - a graduate of the Moscow State Medical University. IM Sechenov, is the author of many scientific studies. The cost of admission - 2300 rubles.

To summarize: a proctologist is a specialist who treats and diagnoses diseases of the rectum. If you find yourself in any symptoms of pathology, do not self-medicate, and soon go to a doctor. Sign up for a consultation with a doctor of this profile is a snap. But even if there is no proctologist at an accessible medical institution for you, do not ignore the problem, visit a gynecologist, a surgeon or a general practitioner. Remember that harmless diseases of the rectum does not happen: without treatment, even hemorrhoids become a risk factor for the formation of a malignant tumor.

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