When is it better to go to Thailand? Season for a holiday in Thailand

Thailand is a mysterious country that never ceases to amaze the most sophisticated travelers. Tourists love her for the beautiful natural scenery and the flavor of local traditions. Especially attractive is the fact that you can relax in the country throughout the year. Nevertheless, tourists should find out the climatic features of the Far Eastern resort in order to decide for themselves when to go to Thailand.

General characteristics of the country

when to fly to thailandThailand is a country located in Southeast Asia. On the one hand the country is washed by the waters of the Pacific Ocean, and on the other - the Indian. The state has 64 million people. The capital of Thailand is Bangkok, and the form of government here is the kingdom. The country is gaining popularity among fans of exotic holidays. Here the unique nature, rich cultural values, warm climate, clear clean sea and high-class service are ideally combined.The kingdom attracts tourists from all over the world, many of whom return to the country again. The climate in Thailand is tropical, but it has its own characteristics: there is a summer, a rainy season and a “cold” period. This fact should be taken into account for tourists wishing to relax comfortably in a fabulous country. Every traveler himself decides when to rest in Thailand. Throughout the year, air temperatures here do not fall below +25 ° C. But during the rainy season, the sun makes people less happy with its warmth, the sky is often overcast; in the resorts there is periodic rainfall.


when is it better to go to thailandThe summer season in Thailand begins in March and lasts until the end of May. During this period, real heat begins in the country, especially on the islands. The country is buried in the heat. Air temperature throughout the season is kept around +30 ° C. This is the perfect time for a beach holiday. Therefore, the question: “When is it better to go to Thailand to sunbathe?” - you can answer without hesitation - in early spring: the summer season begins in the country. For tourists who do not tolerate heat and prefer to bask in the sun at lower temperatures, other seasons should be considered.In the summer, the resorts in Thailand are really very hot, the air is dry, and acclimatization is problematic.


In June, the rainy season comes to Thailand, lasting to the month of October. Many tourists think that it is raining in the country during this period. But it is not. Rain indulges Thai people just a few hours, most often at night. Therefore, in the morning, tourists can calmly bask on the warm sand, sunbathe and inhale the fresh aromas of the recently ended rain. This period is considered the velvet season. The average air temperature is +28 ° C. In the rainy season, exhausting heat recedes, the air becomes soft, and acclimatization occurs quickly. But those travelers who want to pass the rainy season should think about when to go to Thailand. They should consider the summer and the "cold" period in the resorts.when the season is in thailand

"Winter" in Thailand

Of course, there is no traditional winter in tropical countries. During this period, only a slight decrease in temperature is observed. In Thailand, the “cold” season begins in November and ends in February. During this period, the air warms up to +25 ° C. For Thai people, such a jump in temperature means the arrival of winter.But residents of temperate zones will only be glad to visit a tropical resort with a warm, but not exhausting sun. Therefore, you should not hesitate over the question: “When is it better to rest in Thailand?” You can safely go to the country with the arrival of winter. By the way, in February in the kingdom celebrate the New Year on the Chinese calendar. Therefore, tourists who decide to visit an exotic country in this month can join the New Year's mass celebrations.

Rainy season in different parts of the country

Many go to Thailand not only to soak up the sunshine, but also to admire the local sights. The rainy season will not interfere with excursion programs. But in different cities of the country the rainy period goes in different ways. This fact should also be taken into account for tourists who want to take a guided tour of the kingdom.when to rest in ThailandSo, when is it best to go to Thailand for sightseeing? In Bangkok, you can go at any time of the year. But tourists should remember that in April and May it is very hot in the city. In Koh Samui, the season of Dodge lasts for 3 months (from November to January). During this period, the sea is hectic, and precipitation may fall every day.When the season in Thailand is in full swing, many tourists go to Pattaya. Here, there is good weather all year round, and the rainy period passes unnoticed. But in Phuket there is the most precipitation. It can rain here from May to the end of October. The showers are accompanied by strong winds that cause big waves on the sea. Chiang Mai is warm throughout the year, and from March to April it is especially hot.

For fans of festivals

When is the best time to relax in Thailand? This issue should be seriously considered by lovers of holidays and entertainment events. In late November, a grand entertainment show takes place in Surin. To visit the festival of flowers, you should go to the city of Chiang Mai in February. In June, Thailand indulges visiting guests with an abundance of pineapples. It is this month that the Pineapple Festival is organized in the province of Lampang.

Popular holiday resorts

when is it better to rest in ThailandMany people want to know when the season begins in Thailand, namely at its most popular resorts.

  1. Pattaya: the most popular resort city in the country. The water temperature here warms up to +26 ° C, and air - to +34 ° C. Good weather throughout the year.But the beaches are noisy and not very clean.
  2. Phuket: the largest island of the kingdom in size. On its western part there are the best beaches, where you can not only swim and sunbathe, but also enjoy the beautiful scenery. From November to April there is sunny weather. The sea off the coast is heated to +28 ° C. The resort is suitable for a relaxing holiday.
  3. Samui: the pearl of the Gulf of Siam. Here are magnificent sandy beaches and warm clear sea. Tourists come here to go diving and snorkeling. Throughout the year, sea temperatures do not fall below +26 ° C, and air masses warm up to +34 ° C.
  4. Krabi: province of the kingdom, including more than 130 islands. The resort has the highest sea temperatures: up to +29 ° C.
  5. When the season in Thailand begins in the famous snow-white resortPhi Phi? The best time is from November to April. The picturesque archipelago provides unlimited opportunities for diving and underwater walks. Tourists love the resort for privacy and peaceful atmosphere.

Nature of the kingdom

when the season begins in ThailandThailand extends from north to south for more than 1,500 km.There is a large elevation difference in the country, which led to the creation of various natural zones there. Among them - tropical forests, bamboo thickets, mangrove plants. In Thailand, there are more than 500 species of trees and 27,000 flowers, among which a significant part is occupied by orchids (more than 1,000). To admire the rich vegetation of the country, no need to puzzle over the question: "When to fly to Thailand?" Throughout the year, the kingdom pleases visiting guests with beautiful scenery. Tourists are amazed by the variety of fruit plants and bamboo. The country has 6 national parks, 32 reserves. Most of the forest parks include multi-stage waterfalls, characterized by unprecedented beauty.

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