Where is Armavir - the city of Armenians on the Russian land?

Initially, in the Krasnodar Territory, on the place where the city of Armavir is located, an aul arose, in which Circassogai, mountain Armenians who left Adighe auls during the Caucasian War, found refuge. According to one version, in the 15th century, Armenians migrated to the Ciscaucasia from the Crimea, captured by the Ottoman Empire, which carried out aggressive Islamization of the population. More than three hundred years they lived in the mountains with the Circassians, adopting their customs, way of life, culture.

where is armavir

The Russian empire took the oppressed peoples under protection, and in 1839 the first Armenian families moved to the foothills of the Caucasus to the plain at the confluence of the Urup River to the Kuban, where Armavir is located. The place was protected from uninvited guests: on the one hand, the full-flowing Kuban River, on the other hand, it was encircling a deep ditch and high shaft. This settlement was called Armenian aul. Its population was replenished by refugees fleeing pogroms, and already in 1840 four hundred Circassogai families lived here.Despite the fact that mountain Armenians left their historical homeland several centuries ago, they preserved the Christian faith, and in 1848 renamed the village into Armavir - this was the name of the capital of Armenia in former times.

Life Risk Trading

The Caucasian war did not bypass the Armavir aul as well: residents who were engaged in their usual peaceful affairs — cultivating the land and raising cattle — had to defend themselves against the raids of the Highlanders and even strike them in retaliation. In dangerous conditions of war, Armavirs did not stop trading with the mountaineers (both with supporters of Russia and those who fought on the side of its enemies), often at the risk of their lives: there were cases of robberies, merchants were killed. But it was trade during this period that contributed not only to the development of the village where Armavir is located, but also to the strengthening of relations between Russia and the mountain peoples.

Where is Mr. Armavir

Devastating wars

The built railway provided an impetus to the development of the village, and in 1914 it acquired the status of a city. But the Civil War and military intervention that began after the revolution, accompanied by endless battles in the place where Armavir is located (the power in the city changed three times), led to famine, ruin and banditry. Only in 1920, Soviet power was established here and a peaceful life began.

The Great Patriotic War also did not bypass the region where Armavir is located: in 1941, the Nazis tried to seize the city, subjecting it to numerous bombardments. Many residents managed to leave him, many fought in the partisan detachment. In 1942, the Germans captured Armavir, during the occupation more than six thousand Armavirs were shot. When our troops entered the city in 1943, they found it almost completely destroyed, not only residential buildings were blown up, but also industrial enterprises and a power station.

City today

After the end of the war, the territory where Armavir is located, like the whole country, healed the wounds inflicted by the fascists. Today there are many large industrial enterprises in the city, a well-developed transport network: there is a federal highway M29, there are two railway stations, a local airport, the nearest airports are in Stavropol (110 km), Mineralnye Vody (180 km), Krasnodar (200 km).

Where is the city of Armavir

Armavir attracts young people with the opportunity to ride a phaeton, take a horse ride, go in for tourism and mountaineering, fly a hang-glider or paraglider. In the city and its surroundings, tourists will be interested to visit more than two hundred historical monuments.

Where is the city of Armavir

Thrice-built church

The oldest church in Armavir is Surb-Astvatsatsin (Assumption Church), the construction of which began almost immediately after the foundation of the Armenian Aul - in 1840 - with donations from residents and funds allocated personally by Nicholas I. But the fire destroyed a wooden building almost completely rebuilt.

Where is Mr. Armavir

In 1846, construction began on a new stone church on the site of the burnt down. But errors in the drawings led to the collapse of ceilings and cracks in the walls. The building was completed on a new project, where the mistakes of the previous one were taken into account and some changes were made. The first service was held in Surb Astvatsatsin in 1861. The Assumption Church escaped destruction during the war years and today adorns the city, being one of its main attractions.

Ancient gold

The local history museum of the city, founded in 1904, was destroyed during the war, funds were lost. Now there are more than seventy thousand items in the museum, among them are archaeological finds from Scythian and Polovtsian burial mounds: gold jewelry made in the third millennium BC, ancient stone sculptures, ceramics and weapons from different eras and nations.

 Zoo in Armavir where is located

Ivory Samson and camel Ruslan

One of the favorite places of citizens and guests is Madagascar, a zoo in Armavir, where there are more than forty animals and birds from different parts of the planet: turtles, badgers, foxes, lions, roes, meerkats, raccoons, parrots, pelicans, herons, ostriches ... All inhabitants are in the spacious open-air cages equipped specially for each species. Many animals came here exhausted, sick and mutilated owners, mostly photographers, doing business in the photo with exotic representatives of the fauna.

where is armavir

“Madagascar” is contained mainly due to charitable donations of visitors, some Armavirs conclude an agreement and become sponsors of their favorite inhabitants of the zoo. Zoo Address: st. Komsomolskaya 123.

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