Which e-book is the best?

In our time, progress moves with leaps and boundsand already got to the paper. The phrase "e-book" to date does not surprise anyone. Moreover, these devices are a vigorous step in our lives. For many people who simply do not represent their existence without reading, these gadgets have become lifebuoys in the ocean of life. They are convenient for the consumer primarily because they have a solid memory, so you can store a large number of books and documents in one device. At the same time its weight does not exceed 200-250 grams, and the charge is enough for many hours of reading, which allows you to take an e-book or, as most of today's young people call it, the reader even on a long trip.

Going for a purchase, the consumer is looking for an answer to thea lot of different questions. Which e-book is the best? What should I look for when choosing an e-book reader? First of all, this is, of course, the screen, because it is he who spends the most electricity while using the device and basically determines which e-book is the best.

There are two main types of screen readers -LCD (liquid crystal) and E-Ink. The disadvantage of the liquid crystal display in the e-book reader is limited working time without recharging (about 4 hours) and a negative impact on the eyesight of the consumer. But on the other hand, we have a color display that allows you not only to read books, but also to view photos and videos. Readers with LCD-displays are usually used as multifunctional devices. For example, PocketBook IQ 701 has built-in Wi-Fi, thanks to which you can browse the web, and work with mail (approximate cost - $ 185).

Screen with E-Ink technology ("electronic paper")can display only some shades of gray, but the huge advantage is the long working capacity of the device (more than 12 hours), because electricity is spent only on changing the image (that is, turning the pages). This technology is used in most readers and it also depends on which e-book is the best.

Also, you should determine the screen resolution. The best option is to have a 600x800 display resolution (for example, Amazon Kindle 3 Wi-Fi, PocketBook IQ 701, Sony PRS-300, approximate cost from $ 100 to $ 180). You can choose a model with a higher resolution, which will not make reading less comfortable (PocketBook Pro 902 - $ 360, Amazon Kindle DX - $ 450).

Choosing which e-book is the best,it is important to pay attention to the manufacturer. The main leaders are, of course, Sony, PocketBook and Amazon Kindle, tk. these brands in the production give preference to reliability and convenience. The devices of other manufacturers, unfortunately, work with great disruptions, which characterizes them not from the best side.

Secondary criteria for determining whichE-book is the best, you can specify the type of control (mechanical or touch), support for formats, sizes and weights. It is impossible to say unambiguously which modifications of these parameters are better or worse. Everyone determines for themselves the acceptability of certain options, depending on how the electronic book will be used.

Taking the final decision on buying a gadget,the consumer is basically based on which e-book model is better for him. Unequivocally it is possible to say that before the last choice of the device it is just necessary to test the model you like personally. Only this way it becomes clear which e-book is the best, and it will be convenient to use this particular copy, because in the absence of comfort it will be impossible to enjoy using it.

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