Why does not he take the first step?

The relationship between a man and a woman canbuilt in different ways. It's no secret that this relationship is one of the most difficult. Men are not always able to understand women, and women do not always accept men and their views. To the gender aspect, that is, to the aspect of sex, personal factors are added. We are all different people. And we are more people than men or women. Living in a world of stereotypes, we can not always cope with ourselves and effectively interact with others. In general, each person experiences these difficulties in his life. This need not be feared, as it is in the order of things. We have been living like this for thousands of years, and so far no one has been upset about this. Well, we'll talk about responsibility and dependency in a relationship.

Why he does not take the first step - the reasons

That's a good question. Many are asked by him. Why does not he meet? Why do I have to constantly push it with my actions? All these questions revolve in the minds of the most ordinary girls who like young people, but they themselves are not able to dare to take decisive action.

Ask yourself the question: "How important is it for him to take the first step?". In fact, if you can clearly and clearly answer this question, much will be cleared up. Talk to yourself or someone close to you on this topic. The best way to learn about the reasons for procrastination is to ask him directly. Here there are various kinds of difficulties and reservations. Well, what if he's not going to do anything? Suddenly he has someone who deserves his attention more? All this is likely, because he is a man, and people have connections that grow into serious and healthy relationships. And yet, why does not he take the first step?

Ask yourself the following question: "Why do not I take the first step?". There will follow numerous and loud statements that we girls are not born to take the first steps. Everything should be done by a man. Such statements are the product of our society and the evolution of mankind. It so happened that we are endowed with stereotypes that significantly save our strength and time. We do not even suspect how vulnerable we are to stereotypes. In fact, there is no difference who will take the first step. Both people are capable of this. If a person really wants, he does, and does not wait. If a person is waiting for action from the other, then he is not ready to bear responsibility for future relations. At least for their birth. Therefore, in order to start dating, try to make the first step yourself ...

Why does not he take the first step? Afraid of responsibility? A special moment in relations between men and women is the distribution of the share of responsibility. It can be stated that really happy couples are couples where a system of responsibility is clearly constructed. You live a common life, and each of you has a certain zone where you are the master. You have an advantage over a partner, but also a greater responsibility. Remember, with great power comes great responsibility. The more equal in a pair such zones are distributed, the more honestly and purerly the attitudes of these people. Why do business partners communicate so well? Yes, because they know exactly the boundaries of their competence and trust each other.

If you want a relationship with a person, then you need to act, and not wait for the first step.

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