Why the phone heats up: the main causes and methods to eliminate them

This question was asked by every smartphone owner. It becomes more relevant when the heating becomes very strong, and so much so that the gadget is simply uncomfortable to hold in your hands. Let's see why the phone heats up, and whether this is a normal phenomenon at all.

why does the phone heat up

Heating is normal

How does the central processor work? He passes a current through a semiconductor with an enormous frequency, as a result of which a strong heating of the crystal (processor shell) occurs. Consequently, any phone when working can not heat up. Technologies, in which the processing of large amounts of data would occur without heat, have not yet been invented. Therefore, if your phone heats up, then it is quite normal. This phenomenon is explained by the use of modern "hardware", which is able to calculate large amounts of data.

why does the phone battery heat up

You should also not be surprised why the phone of one manufacturer heats up, while the other model generally stays cold. This is also possible, since different cooling systems are implemented in different devices, different processors, batteries are used. Yes, and the operating temperatures of smartphones are different. But if the gadget is heated to a temperature at which it is uncomfortable to hold it in your hands or that is felt even through the fabric of jeans, then this is not normal. In this case, it is desirable to take it to the service center - let the masters understand why the phone heats up.

It is known that in any smartphone there are three main elements that are sources of heat: processor, battery, display. Each of these components produces heat in the process. More than the rest is just the central processor.


phone is heated

The processor is the "heart" of any smartphone, since it is he who processes the entire amount of information and passes data through him. A chip in a stationary computer or laptop, for example, has a small size, but it also installs a large radiator (aluminum plate with ribs) on it, and a radiator on the radiator.This cooling system is necessary in order to remove heat, which is certainly released during the operation of the CPU. There, the problem of heat removal is easier to solve because of the larger space inside the case. However, in a compact and thin phones can not install a large radiator or fan for heat dissipation, so do not be surprised why the phone heats up.

In addition, modern smartphones (in particular, the flagships) use powerful 8-core chips operating at high frequency. Thanks to new processors, new functions in phones, high speed of work and productivity become accessible to users. However, with all this possible strong heating of the CPU. And although modern chips are energy-saving and efficient, they have high efficiency (that is, less energy is consumed for heating each time), heat generation still takes place.

When to start worrying?

There is nothing to worry about if the phone warms up after 15-20 minutes of the game - this is completely normal. The temperature can rise even when watching a video in high resolution or surfing the Internet.Of course, it is desirable to give the phone a little rest and cool down, but in the very fact of heating there is nothing terrible.

why the phone heats up quickly

However, if the gadget is heated to such an extent that it is even unpleasant to hold it in your hands, then something is obviously wrong with it. Phones should not be so hot. When developing, the manufacturer always calculates the maximum permissible heating rates, and they do not go beyond the temperature at which a person can comfortably hold a smartphone. If excessive heat occurs, the phone must be turned off, let it cool slightly. In some cases, it is necessary to close the "heavy" programs that are currently running. If after that the phone is cold, it means that the problem was precisely in a large load. It can be assumed that this is normal, as the heating of the processor is natural. Another thing is when the phone battery gets very hot. Why does this happen? About it a little later.


Can the phone overheat due to poor software? Is complete. And although the operating systems iOS, Android, Windows Mobile are quite high-quality and well optimized, users can install third-party anti-virus programs or other applications.These utilities can run background processes that load the system. This can easily lead to heat. For example, if the antivirus constantly scans the system for viruses, and a third-party application downloads an update via 3G or 4G Internet at this time, then this will definitely cause the processor to heat up, since heavy loads are assigned to it at that moment. In this case, it is quite obvious why the phone heats up quickly. So you need to monitor the software status of your smartphone and not install programs that are not completely sure about the benefits or the purpose.


Modern displays of smartphones have huge resolutions. Even large 42-inch TVs often have resolutions lower than the small 6-inch screen of a smartphone. This is especially true of the flagships.

phone heats up and quickly discharges

But the higher the display resolution, the more resources the graphics processor (the graphics processor is most often part of the main central chip) have to spend on playing content that matches its resolution. Consequently, more intense heating also occurs. However, it can heat up not only the chip, but also the display itself.True, rarely the temperature of the screens increases significantly. Because of the large area, displays lose heat (it is dispersed in the air) more intensively than they receive it. Therefore, a hot display is a rare occurrence. If his temperature has really increased significantly, then there is clearly a sign of a malfunction. It is advisable to give the phone to the service center.


The latest component, which may be the reason why the phone heats up quickly and runs down, is the battery. As in the case of the processor, heating the battery is a normal phenomenon as long as the temperature does not go beyond what is permitted. And in general, with batteries, you need to be vigilant, because not so long ago there was a scandal with Samsung Galaxy smartphones, in which the batteries overheated and just exploded.

why is the new phone heating up

Usually phones get hot when charging. If you use a powerful charger with a current of 2A or the processor of the smartphone supports Quick Charge technology, then the heating will be more intense. Here you should not worry too much. But if the phone in the locked mode (without charging) heats up or does not cool for a long time, then there is clearly a problem.In this case, it is desirable to carry it in for repair.

Non-original battery

Also, the cause of heat can be a non-original battery. If the "native" battery no longer holds a charge, then buying a cheap non-original analog is not the best solution. It may well be ineffective or even unsafe. Do not be surprised heating the smartphone with non-original parts.


If you just can not understand why the new phone is heating up, then you should not panic right away. First you need to read reviews about your smartphone on the Internet. Perhaps many users complain of intense heat.

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