Wild and domestic animals, their role in human life

The animal world, of course, is very huge andvarious. He attracts with his freshness and beauty. Very interesting are domestic and wild animals for children. Kids, of course, need to talk about the life of animals, their habits and characteristics, about how they live in the wild. An important and very topical issue is the correct maintenance of animals at home, as well as their role in our lives.

World around: domestic and wild animals

The world is huge and rich in various animals. Among them there are both lovely home fuzzy, with which we are familiar from childhood, and evil wild predators. The life of domestic animals is certainly interesting, but much more informative information about wild fauna representatives, of which we know so little.wild and domestic animals

Most of the animals live in forests. They were called wild animals. Many of them are very dangerous predators. And others - quite lovely and harmless little animals that live in all corners of the globe. It can be said that they are all united by one single goal - survival.


As you understand, pets are those animals thatlive next to a person. People keep them, take care, giving them food and a home. Some varieties of pets bring their owners a very concrete benefit. For example, they give food (milk, cottage cheese, meat, eggs), materials (leather, wool) or do work (guard, transport cargo, help in agriculture). On the other hand, pets are friends who have long lived side by side with a person and share his home, help to spend leisure together.life of domestic animals

For residents of megacities pets are -rather, family members, about whom they care, with whom they play, go to rest. So the life of pets in urban conditions is completely unrelated to bringing some benefit to a person. Rather, on the contrary, people care about the comfortable living of animals, which do not face the difficult task of extracting food.

The role of pets in human life

I must say that wild and domestic animals are quite different. Nevertheless, they all play an important role in human life. Let's start with, for example, domestic animals.wild animals in winter

Their role in our lives depends on what you do,what we set ourselves tasks for ourselves or for the pet's child. Dogs guard us and are our friends. Cats and other furs are our favorites. We take them into the house for our own pleasure. Another thing is agricultural animals that benefit. Such species include cows, camels, ponies, sheep, horses, pigs, oxen, goats and many others.

However, it would be unfair if we did notremembered that absolutely all the domestic animals came from the wild. But in the course of his purposeful activity, a person selected among them the best specimens with the necessary characteristics, until he succeeded in removing certain agricultural breeds. Such pets are usually kept in special buildings (barns, chicken coops, pigsties, stables, barns, cages). As a rule, their productivity depends on how well they are looked after and fed.

domestic and wild animals for children

Wild and domestic animals are veryare different. Unlike home, wild every time you have to take care of your "dinner" yourself. Agricultural species are on the full content of man. However, even such breeds people are bred not only for good, but for pleasure. For example, horses are purchased for equestrian sport and horse riding, rabbits are used for decorative purposes.

Historical digression

Domestic animals began to beten to fifteen thousand years ago, at a time when people began to move to a settled way of life and farming. After the hunt, wounded, weak individuals, lagging behind the herd, were often beaten. Such animals remained close to the people who cared for them, providing protection and food. And those, in turn, gave food. It also happened that the cubs that grew up near human settlements were so used to being left with people forever and even went hunting with them. So gradually a man got home pets, which later began to benefit him.

Taming animals was not an easy task. After all, once at home, a man kept antelopes, cheetahs, cranes, tours, boars, moufflons and argali. People looked after them and looked after them. The animals gradually changed. Of course, the process was very long.

Wild animals

Wild animals live in wildlife. Unlike home species, no one cares about them. They make their own food, protect themselves, breed and rear it. Certainly, such a life is much more complicated and more dangerous. It is necessary to fight daily for survival. Comparison of wild and domestic animals in this sense is hardly possible, so different conditions for their life.the world around domestic and wild animals

Wild animals are very diverse, they inhabita large number all over the world. Here are just a few examples: bears, foxes, lynxes, moose, hares, seals, horses, lions, tigers, cheetahs, elephants, giraffes. All simply can not be counted.

Life of wild animals in winter

Particularly affected are wild animals in winter. During this period, they are quite difficult. This is primarily due to the fact that much less food becomes, and it is more difficult to extract it when the ground is covered by a thick layer of ice and snow. Of course, all animals are adapted to such natural conditions. Nevertheless, it is still very difficult for them to survive. In winter, some animals change their hair color (foxes and hares), others fall into hibernation like badgers and bears, while others make their supplies for the cold period, like a squirrel. Everyone prepares for the arrival of cold weather in their own way.

wild animals project

Wild animals live very differently in winter. Some save food and warm houses (squirrels), others sleep, spending summer fat reserves (bears), and still others get food even in cold weather.

The meaning of wild animals in people's lives

Wild and domestic animals uniquely benefit people. The role of domestic species we have already discussed. Let's now talk about wild animals.

I must say that they are also useful for us, because they give us:

  • Food. In many regions of the globe, the meat of wild animals is used for food. The fact is that wild representatives of the animal world are more adapted to life, and therefore more productive. For example, hunting species include wild boars, roe deer, hares, beavers, muskrats, foxes, wolves and many others. Do not forget about fish and birds. Fisheries in general are widely used by humans. In addition to breeding fish in specialized farms, they are engaged in catching in the seas, rivers and oceans.
  • Skin and fur. Wild animals are a source of beautiful natural fur. Artificial products they can not be replaced by either warmth or beauty. There are also special farms where fur species such as fox, muskrat, rabbit, arctic fox are grown on fur. They are all appreciated for their beautiful and warm fur. And the number of animals in the wild can not provide us with the necessary skins. Because people began to breed some species in artificial conditions.
  • Medicinal and perfume substances that are used in pharmaceuticals and perfumes.

In addition, wild animals in any case remain, so to speak, the gene pool of livestock. Crossing them with domestic species, you can get new breeds that have better indicators.

comparison of wild and domestic animals

People use animals to combatpollution of nature. Animals play a role of peculiar indicators. It's not a secret that animals react very sensitively to the slightest changes in the environment, which means that one can judge by their behavior pollution of the environment.

In addition, animals help a person in searchsome types of minerals, weather forecasting and earthquakes. There are many examples. Absolutely all animals know in advance about the forthcoming earthquake. Fish and jellyfish, for example, can feel the approach of a storm.

And do not forget that animals are carriers of plant seeds in nature. And this is very important in the cycle of biological processes.

Wild Pets

The growing pace of urbanization has led to,that people have more and more desire to communicate with wildlife. If one hundred years ago it was customary to keep only cats and dogs at home, now hamsters, hares, jerboas, chinchillas, otters, monkeys, hedgehogs and many other wildlife are in vogue. The project "Wild Pets" has been implemented to a sufficient extent. In fact, many wild animals began to live in our homes, like domestic ones. And it does not seem like something unusual and exotic. Of course, these are not exactly the species that exist in the wild. After all, some of them were subject to crossing for breeding of the best breeds. Nevertheless, these are not the animals that lived next to the person before.

Instead of an afterword

Wild and domestic animals play a big role inlife of mankind. In this article we gave only some examples of the usefulness and necessity of animals. In fact, their sphere of influence on our lives is much greater. Simply, we do not always think about this and sometimes we inflict irreparable damage on our actions.

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