Will Sampson: Biography and Filmography

On the great American actor and artist Will Sampson heard many lovers of painting and cinema. The Great Leader saw the light on September 27, 1933 in Oklahoma, near the town of Morris. From a young age he was engaged in rodeo and reached a professional level.

Will Sampson - Indian blood, thoroughbred Muskogee. His first name is Kaskana (in the adverb of the Muskogee "left-handed"). The active boy received his primary education at a local school, after which he continued on his way, leaving for service in the navy. After the end of the service, the young guy had to go home and look for a job.in order to just survive. He worked as a logger, a builder, a laborer. It stood out for its bright appearance and high growth (1.96 cm).

Will Sampson

Early hobbies

From a young age, at the age of 14, Sampson became interested in rodeo (bullriding), participated in various competitions, was the best and won several times. That rodeo was his favorite thing, which gave his time and energy to 40 years.Dangerous, but such an exciting lesson was the ability to hold out on the saddle of an angry bull, take a leap from a horse onto the back of a bull and at the same time bring it down to the ground. This sport was only on the strength of a strong, courageous, strong man. Those Will Sampson was. However, the traumatic sport caused serious damage to the health of the future actor - a hand injury, and after the back, followed by surgery. After a back injury, the great master ended his career on the rodeo field.

Since childhood, Will Sampson was fond of drawing. Despite the fact that Will led a nomadic lifestyle, he found time to draw and showcase his paintings at many exhibitions. It was painting that helped him achieve universal acceptance.
A talented artist painted on canvas everything he saw, what he lived. These were images of his fellow tribesmen, historical events, sketches of the traditions of the Muskogee tribe. Few know that Will possessed a photographic memory, and therefore could convey everything he saw with surprising accuracy. This feature has helped him in life many times. In particular, he carried out orders for high-ranking officials, for illustrated editions of “Kuota Horse”, “Arizona Highers”, and so on.

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The beginning of a creative way

The first award for his artistic talent Sampson received in 1951 in the center of painting Philbrook. The achievements of the talented master were not over on this. Already in 1969, he was awarded the award of the cultural fund as the best artist of spectacular art. Before Will, the doors of many publicly known places opened, where one could reveal his inexhaustible talent: the libraries of Congress, the Aimon Museum, art centers, and so on.

His career as an artist developed rapidly, and soon Sampson was elected vice-president of the Union of Artists in Oklahoma.

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By a strange coincidence

Since 1975, the life of a talented artist is changing. One day, Will Sampson falls into the casting of an American western for the role of leader Broadman. The Western premiere of "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" was only a start, and Sampson was nominated for an Oscar, but luck swam away. But it should be noted that the defeat is not out of the rut of a bold and confident novice actor, as well as the already well-known artist. A bright and interesting future in the cinema was still ahead.

The talent of the actor Will Sampson was revealed in the films “Native American Hawk”, “Death among Icebergs”. The peak of Sampson's cinema career overtook him at the age of 45.He was one of the highest paid actors in Hollywood. His achievements in the industry of cinema were appreciated. Will Sampson, films with the participation of which were in demand among the audience, professionally played and embodied the image of the modern Indian.

Sampson treated his fame with restraint, was demanding of himself and others. Favorite work, worthy of himself, considered only painting, and not at all acting game. Nevertheless, for his life the actor starred in 30 films (in the genres of drama, comedy, crime), received worthy awards for his acting talent.

Will Sampson Biography

Magical abilities - myth or reality?

For most people who knew Will Sampson, he was a mysterious person. They talked about his supernatural abilities. After the completion of his life journey, a lot of rumors about the causes of death, about the pernicious influence of evil forces arose. Directly such versions were associated with his struggle with the evil forces, from which he rescued the actors from the film Poltergeist.

Peripetias on the personal front

About the personal life of the actor and artist were also heated debates, and rumors circulated. Will Sampson, whose photo you see in the article, was repeatedly married, had 9 children. Children loved and always gave them due attention, without depriving anyone of their father's care.The eldest son Tim Will helped open the doors to the cinema.

In general, Sampson has always helped children and was proud of them. But about his wives almost nothing is known.

will sampson biography and filmography

Death actor

Will Sampson, whose biography and filmography are presented to the reader in the article, played courageous, noble, strong-willed, a little ironic heroes trying to solve the issues of the "Indian world." But in life he was so.

With a strong physique, the actor in the last years of his life was sick. He was overwhelmed with scleroderma -connective tissue autoimmune disease. The disease progressed, soon there were problems with the lungs and heart. The transplantation of these bodies did not change the situation, and in the 53rd year of the life of the great Will Sampson did not (3 June 1987 in Texas, Houston). The body of a talented and famous Indian is buried in Oklahoma, in an Indian cemetery.

Two years after the death of Sampson, he was awarded an award for his invaluable contribution to the cinema, the creation of new unusual images on the screen. The audience remembered this strong-willed, charismatic, brave leader. For women, he was a benchmark of courageous and strong men, for men - a role model.Years later, he is remembered, his paintings evoke no less interest than 30 years ago: the bright characters of Sampson rivet the eyes of everyone who sees them for the first time.

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