Woodpecker is a forest bird. Description photo. Woodpecker - migratory bird or not?

Everyone who has ever been in the forest, heard a dry fractional knock. Such a sound makes woodpecker. This bird is spread all over the globe and is found everywhere where there is a forest. After all, the woodpecker lives only on trees, his legs are not adapted for walking on the ground. This interesting bird has long attracted the attention of scientists. There was a time when they even considered it a pest and tried to destroy it. But then it turned out that the woodpecker is a forest health officer, so now he is often called a forest doctor. After all, he hollows only dry and larvae-infected trees, often saving them from death.

What are woodpeckers

This bird belongs to the Dyat-shaped family, which includes more than two hundred species. Their greatest diversity is observed in the forests of North America. And in our country there are a little more than ten species of woodpeckers. The most famous of them are:woodpecker what bird

  • Great Spotted Woodpecker.This bird is quite large, the wingspan sometimes reaches half a meter. Most common in European forests.
  • A small spotted woodpecker almost the size of a sparrow looks like it.
  • Another large species often found in our forests is desirable, or the black woodpecker. This bird is quite noisy and active, gouges large hollows and eats a lot of harmful insects.
  • The green woodpecker looks quite unusual and beautiful. But he is very careful, therefore it is difficult to see him.
  • The three-toed woodpecker is an unusual bird, as it lacks one toe.
  • The topcoat is also attributed to this family, although it differs greatly from other woodpeckers by its behavior and appearance. She does not hollow and does not know how to climb trees.

Description of bird woodpecker

  1. Basically, all members of the family of woodpeckers are of medium size. The exceptions are the golden-headed woodpecker and the little spotted woodpecker, which weigh only about 10 grams. And the largest representatives of this family are desirable, widespread in our country and the great Muller woodpecker, which is not found here. Its weight reaches 600 grams.woodpecker bird
  2. It will show you how beautiful the woodpecker is, the photo.This bird always has black and white tones in oraska, sometimes in the form of specks. And almost all members of the family have a red cap on their heads.
  3. The beak of these birds is thick, long and strong. They are capable of hollowing hollow in any tree, although more often they choose sick or soft wood trunks for this purpose.
  4. Good climbing on tree trunks with woodpeckers helps short legs with tenacious fingers. Usually there are four: two are directed forward, and two - back. But there are exceptions. Shows us an example of such an exception (three-toed woodpecker) photo. This bird is also interesting because it often removes the bark from large parts of the tree when searching for food, making it easy for other birds to find hidden insects.

woodpecker migratory bird or not

Where do woodpeckers live

This forest bird is found wherever there are trees. Most species live in forests and prefer solitude. But some may live near the person, for example, in city parks and squares. The only condition for the normal life of a woodpecker is the presence of trees, so it can be found almost anywhere in the world. They are not only in the Circumpolar and on the islands near Australia. The woodpecker is a sedentary bird.He rarely flies far from the place of residence. Usually the area where the bird feeds is about 2 hectares. Very rarely, in search of food, individuals can move over long distances, but in this case they do not return back. This feature of them is the answer to the question of whether the woodpecker is a migratory bird or not. Most of them are omnivores and easily tolerate frost. Therefore, it makes no sense to fly away.woodpecker bird

Woodpecker's lifestyle

It is very interesting to observe how various birds of the forest behave. Woodpecker rather unpretentious, he was not accustomed to sit idle. For normal life, this bird is enough to have trees. The most favorable conditions for their reproduction exist near rivers and other bodies of water, especially in rainy summer. At this time, the wood is subjected to various putrefactive processes and fungal diseases, as well as insect attacks. It is these trees and loves the woodpecker. This bird hollows them not only in search of food, it prepares a new hollow for itself every year. True, not all types of woodpeckers can do this. For example, wormholes use ready-made hollows. The peculiarity of the woodpecker's lifestyle is their amazing ability to quickly climb a tree trunk. Nature has endowed them for these purposes with short paws with tenacious fingers and a strong tail.Even woodpecker chicks start climbing up the trunk before they fly. The life style of this bird does not change even in winter. To answer the question of whether a woodpecker is a migratory bird or not, you just need to go to a forest or park on a quiet frosty day. Frequent fractional knocking, carried in the air, is evidence that these birds remain in our area to winter.

What feeds woodpecker

What kind of bird can stay for the winter in our climate? Only that which is omnivorous. Yes, woodpeckers can have a lot.description woodpecker birdMost often they, of course, feed on insects, which they extricate from under the bark of trees. To get them, the woodpecker uses a long tongue, which often doubles the size of the beak. In addition, it is adhesive, it has sharp notches. With their help, the woodpecker can get insects from narrow passages in the wood. In large quantities, this bird destroys insects and their larvae harmful to trees. Woodpeckers also eat various caterpillars, termites, ants and even snails. In the cold season, these birds feed mainly on seeds of trees, most often conifers. But on occasion, can eat berries and any fruit. In starvation time, many birds move closer to human habitation and feed on food waste.

What is interesting woodpecker

  • This is the only bird that has a musical ear.Woodpeckers can knock on wood, not only for the purpose of obtaining food or making nests. Sometimes you can watch a bird hammering on a dry branch and listening.

woodpecker photo bird

  • Surprisingly at a woodpecker language. In some individuals it can reach a length of 10 centimeters. It is sticky, with sharp notches on which, like on hooks, a woodpecker fastens insects from under the bark of a tree. With it, he can also feast on the fruits.
  • The woodpecker is one of the few birds that cannot walk on the ground. Their legs and tail are adapted only for climbing trees.

So, we have presented a description of the bird. Woodpecker is very beautiful. Bright red cap and colorful color make these birds adorn any forest.

What are the benefits of woodpeckers

These birds were previously considered pests of the forest, they even tried to exterminate them. But then it turned out that woodpeckers only beat sick and old trees infected with insects. This way they save the forest from the spread of pests. In addition, woodpeckers each year make a new hollow. And in their old homes dwell squirrels other birds.

birds woods woodpecker

Woodpeckers help forest dwellers not only by providing shelter. Some species of these birds, when foraging for food, remove entire patches of bark from trees, thus exposing the insect passages. And for other birds, it's easier to get them.And now the woodpecker is considered one of the most useful forest birds.

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