Working with parents in kindergarten

The main task of raising children isthe formation and development of strong and healthy, multi-faceted personalities who will always come to the rescue in a difficult moment. Children of preschool age can be brought up exclusively at home, but more often it is done in preschool institutions. Education of children in kindergartens is carried out by pedagogical workers, psychologists and speech therapists.

However, it is not for nothing that they say that the next stage afterhome education is a kindergarten. Work with parents is mandatory in the preschool. Teachers are required to conduct periodic educational conversations with children and their parents, who in turn should be aware of the development of their offspring away from home. For maximum effect, parents should help kindergarten workers in the formation of the child's strength of mind and endurance, various abilities and abilities.

Working with parents in kindergarten will allowimprove the behavior of the child in the group, because the family environment has a great impact of the baby. Father and mother are considered great authority for children. It is very important to shape the children's moral qualities. For this, it is necessary to conduct conversations with parents, to acquaint them with the peculiarities of moral education. A pedagogical worker of a kindergarten can recommend parents of a child to pay attention to verbal methods of communication, more often perform various exercises using the basics of moral behavior.

Working with parents in kindergarten helpsimprove the aesthetic development of preschool children. Here, in the course of special sessions, opportunities are realized to disclose the various creative potentials of pupils. Many activities to develop a creative approach, children can perform in the family in the presence of older (drawing, modeling, killing, folk art).

Working with parents in kindergarten involvescollective and individual form of communication. Some popes and mothers do not understand the importance of interaction with the educator. Sometimes children do not want to do their favorite thing (sometimes due to a lack of understanding of their preferences). In this case, you need to communicate with your parents individually. With the help of interviews, the teacher can establish such relations between the participants in the educational process, which will be based on mutual respect. Sometimes the caregiver can give parents specific recommendations for the development or upbringing of their offspring.

Forms of working with parents in kindergarten canto be diverse: various consultations, exhibitions of children's drawings, thematic classes with the participation of parents, morning greetings, design of photomontages for children, meetings for parents of kindergarten pupils, various excursions, trainings, lounges. You can organize conversations with children and adults, invite them to participate in the preparation of the holidays.

The teacher can also conduct a familyOpening day in kindergarten or visiting families of pupils at home. Working with parents in kindergarten involves informing the parent committee about all interesting developments in the group. Such work can be conducted with the team or individually (at the discretion of the educator).

The main form of group work is the generala parent meeting that involves the establishment of a friendly atmosphere between parents and the teacher, as well as the solution of important issues at the level of the group or the entire kindergarten. The meeting should be held periodically every two months. One of the goals of such meetings is to increase the level of conscious activity and educational activity of parents, the development of their creative initiative and responsibility.

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