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Talented, charismatic, popular - that's all he is - theater and film actor Yaroslav Boyko. Biography, personal life of the artist are always under the scrutiny of journalists and fans. We will find out the interesting facts of his career and the secrets of his personal life right now.


Yaroslav Boyko, whose biography begins from 14.05.1970, was born in the capital of Ukraine. The boy never saw his father, his mother brought him up alone. In his relatives, many were military men, and his mother hoped that her son would choose the same path in adult life. But the fate of Yaroslav was very different.

Yaroslav briskly biography personal life photo

At school, the boy did not want to be an excellent student. Like many peers, he was attracted to the hooligan lifestyle. Yaroslav spent all his free time on the street in active games. He really wanted to meet the expectations of his mother and was preparing to go to military school after 9 classes. But the attempt was unsuccessful.The young man did not want to go back to school and after some hesitation decided to enter the Kiev Metallurgical College. And he managed to do it. But at the 3rd year Yaroslav felt that such an occupation was not for him and dropped out of school. The young man had no choice but to go to the army.


After the service, Yaroslav could not decide for a long time who he wanted to be in this life. But the case decided everything. The young man had a girlfriend from school. She really wanted to go to theater school. Yaroslav decided to support a friend and took documents to the same university. The jury was satisfied with a young man’s examination performance, and very soon he joined the students of the Karpenko-Kary Kyiv Theater Institute. My friend's result was not so brilliant - she failed the entrance exam.

So began the first acquaintance with theatrical art Yaroslav Boyko. Biography, personal life of the future actor became saturated with new events. Theater and cinema liked the young man. Therefore, studying at the institute was easy for him. But there was one caveat - to the young man there were remarks regarding pronunciation in the Ukrainian language. He needed to practice hard to fix it.Yaroslav did not bother and decided to change the school. Without thinking twice, he packed up a suitcase and went to Moscow to enter the Moscow Art Academic Theater (studio school). And here fate smiled - Yaroslav successfully passed the entrance exam. And in 1995 he received a diploma from the university.

Theater career

Yaroslav briskly biography personal life

When a novice actor began working in the theater-studio "Tabakerka" under the direction of O. Tabakov, the name of Yaroslav Boyko became recognizable in a film actor's environment. Biography, photo of a charming young man interested colleagues and filmmakers. Yaroslav himself admits that Oleg Tabakov’s experience has become invaluable. The actor received a tremendous amount of knowledge and improved his acting skills. In the “Snuffbox” the artist has worked for 18 years. Yaroslav repeatedly admitted that theater and cinema for him are two different works. Cinema involves laborious duplicates. The work of the actor moviegoers I can appreciate after a time when the picture goes on television screens. And on the theater stage everything happens here and now, and the result of the acting game is immediately visible.

Yaroslav also played in the Chekhov Theater - Moscow Art Theater.

The best theatrical work of the actor: "Idiot", "The Cherry Orchard", "Unfinished Novel".

Movie actor

The debut of Yaroslav in the movie occurred in 1991.It was at this time that the actor starred in the film “Cruise, or Divorce Journey. And although the role in the film was episodic, thanks to her, Yaroslav Boyko became recognizable. Biography, personal life of the actor interested moviegoers.

The following pictures, in which Yaroslav demonstrated his acting talent, were “Eagle and tails”, “Country of the Deaf”, “Station”, “Kamenskaya”.

actor Yaroslav briskly biography personal life

The peak of popularity came to the actor after the audience watched the film forever "Always say" Always "." The film received the prestigious award TEFI in the nominations "The best screenwriter of an art series", "The best art series". Moviegoers so fond of the main characters of the film - businessman Sergey Baryshev and his wife, that they wanted to see the continuation of their story. In total, 9 seasons of melodrama were filmed.

“Ambulance” is another film in which Yaroslav brilliantly played. The serial drama told about the everyday work of Dr. Oleg Gromov, who worked in the ambulance brigade. The film fell in love with viewers and brought Boyko nationwide fame.

Personal life

Yaroslav always attracted the attention of the opposite sex.Charming and charismatic, he could turn the head of more than one beauty. The actor admits that his youth was saturated with fleeting hobbies.

The first serious novel happened at Yaroslav at work. During the filming of the film "Suspicion" the actor fell in love with actress Yevgeny Dobrovolskaya. Their relationship ended as rapidly as they began. But the love of actors did not pass without a trace. In 2002, Eugenia gave birth to a son, Yang. For a long time, she did not confess that Boyko was the father of her child. The mystery was revealed when Yaroslav was already officially married.

After the release of the film “Always say" Always "," TV viewers became interested in Yaroslav Boyko, biography, personal life, wife. Many thought that the actor was in a relationship with Mary Poroshina - partner in the film. The viewers wanted to believe that young people really meet in real life. On television, their love looked so believable. But Yaroslav himself denied this fact.

Official wife

Ramune Hodorkait, a dancer, was able to curb the lovingness of the charming actor. Young people were introduced to mutual friends.At first, many did not believe that the relationship of the couple would be serious. But soon Jaroslav announced the engagement. In 1999, the actor and dancer got married. A few months later, their joint child, son Maxim, was born. The couple did not stop there, in 2003 they had a daughter, whom they gave the beautiful name of Emilia.

Yaroslav briskly biography personal life wife

In the media you can find a lot of information about who Boyko Yaroslav is. Biography, personal life, photos of his wife were never behind a canopy of secrets. It is known that Ramune Khodorkite continues to engage in choreography and dance performances for performances.


TV viewers want to know how Jaroslav Boyko lives. Biography, personal life, the children of the actor are under the scrutiny of the press.

The actor has three children: illegitimate son Yang, son Maxim and daughter Emilia. Yaroslav admits that he loves them very much and tries to pay attention to everyone. Dad is interested in the hobbies of each child, attends parent meetings at school and monitors their performance.

Son Maxim is engaged in music, plays the piano, knows the tricks of boxing and owns the technique of judo. Daughter Emilia is also a creative person.The girl is engaged in dancing, draws and plays the violin.

Yaroslav does not forget about the son of Jan.

A family

The actor spends all his free time with his family, who lives in the Russian capital, where Yaroslav works most of the time. Together with the spouses and their children lives the mother of the actor. He took her to him from Kiev. Relatives of the spouse are also not forgotten. Ramune's parents live in Lithuania. Boyko's family often goes there to visit them. In addition, the couple acquired Lithuanian real estate, so they often come to the country to rest. The status of "exemplary family man" has long been won by Yaroslav Boyko. Biography, personal sphere of his life are characterized by dimension and calmness.

Sports hobbies

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Actor from a young age was not indifferent to the sport. For a long time he played football. Yaroslav admits that his working day lasts about 12 hours. It is important for an actor to not only get well into the role, but also look great. Viewers notice and those extra pounds, and tired kind of artists. Physical activity helps Yaroslav to keep himself in great shape. And they also allow the actor to cope with stress, emotional overload.

Viewers are always interested in personal life, the biography of Jaroslav Boyko. But few people know that the actor has been involved in boxing for 10 years, is a member of the department of the same name at the Moscow Academy of Sport.

The actor does not forget about football and occasionally participates in matches. Keep a good physical shape allow workouts on simulators. And Jaroslav is a fan of baths. The actor admits that all this together allows you to maintain not only physical but also mental strength.

Jaroslav Boyko: about creativity

The actor gladly gives interviews and shares his creative successes. Yaroslav admits that for him it has always been incomprehensible how the roles are divided into negative and positive or comedic and tragic. While studying at the Moscow Art Theater students do not indicate a clear separation of roles. They are told that the movie character has both advantages and disadvantages in character, as well as various emotions. The actor must grasp this essence in order to learn to get used to the role of any person.

smartly Yaroslav biography private life photo wife

Yaroslav prefers a carefully written script and role. He loves when his hero is experiencing, experiences many emotions.Then the actor has a desire to invest in the game all the power and energy.

In the press you can find a lot of interviews with actor Yaroslav Boyko. Biography, his personal life is covered in the media. But there is no Jaroslav in social networks.

And father again

This news appeared in the media in September 2018. It all began with a story about another pregnancy Mary Poroshina. Everyone thought that the fifth child of the actress is the fruit of the joint love of her and her legitimate spouse Ilya Drevnova. But everything turned out to be more difficult.

In the summer of 2018, pregnant Poroshina filed for divorce from her husband. A few months later, the couple officially broke up the marriage in which they had 3 daughters. Familiar and fans of Mary did not understand the meaning of her act: how can you divorce the future baby's father? But later, the pals of the actress revealed all the cards.

It turned out that the father of the fifth child was not Ilya, but Yaroslav Boyko - a longtime friend and partner of the actress on the stage. Mary's entourage does not doubt it. Fans realized that not all the facts about themselves tells Yaroslav Boyko. Biography, personal life, photo of the actor caused a new wave of interest from the press and viewers in connection with the shocking news.

Yaroslav briskly personal biography

Friends say that the love between the actors arose during the period of a joint tour with the entrepreneurial play “Unfinished Romance”. In it, Jaroslav and Maria play secret lovers who cannot be together, because each of them has his own family. By chance, theatrical scenario turned into real life. So far, neither Maria nor Yaroslav has commented on these rumors. But they are not in a hurry to refute either. Fans of the actor are concerned for the wife of Jaroslav Ramune. After all, a couple of years together, and for her such a turn of events can be shocking.

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