Yellow diamond: properties, origins, mining and interesting facts

The word "diamond" is translated from Greek as "invincible" or "sparkling." None of the artificial materials and none of the stones can damage or scratch it.

About 90% of diamonds, called “yellow”, are stones with a yellow tint. By classification, they constitute a group of "colored" diamonds. Only 10% of the remaining stones have a pronounced yellow, sunny color. For such truly unique crystals, a classification group was created - fantasy. Prices for them are incomparably higher than for stones from the “painted” group. Fantasy stones can have different shades of yellow: lemon, pear, corn, lemonade color.

Rings with yellow and white diamonds

Classification and properties of yellow diamonds

The very first known yellow diamond is a lemon-colored stone, faceted as a drop, called “Sancy”. Its weight is 55.23 carats.The stone was purchased in 1571 in Turkey. Now you can see it at the exhibition in the Louvre. The most expensive yellow crystal today is Graff Vivid Yello, which was found in South Africa by Count Lawrence. At the time of the discovery, he weighed 200 grams. After cutting the weight was 100.9 carats. By today's classification, color is defined as yellow light. Brilliant shines golden rays, like a little sun. This color is worth millions of dollars.

In total, diamonds have 12 positions to designate colors and shades of yellow. If the color is uniform and not interspersed with other tones, then such a crystal is very expensive. This explains the high cost of the Graff Vivid Yellow diamond, in which all 100 carats have the pure uniform yellow light color.

The play of light on the edges is determined by the degree of transparency, which is considered on a scale of 12 to one. The lowest figure - 12 - is assigned to almost defective stones.

Often diamonds have a yellow color with a brownish or greenish tinge. Such tones interfere with the play of light on the edges and reduce the cost of a diamond.As a benchmark of pure yellow, Graff Vivid Yellow again stands. And this is not surprising. In addition to the sparkling yellow color, it has no shades: neither green nor brown.According to the above scale, it has a degree of transparency of 2.

A gem for a ring with a degree of transparency of 1 is the ideal of purity, for jewelery this figure should be no lower than 8.

Each gem is necessarily sold with a certificate of conformity, which indicates the degree of transparency.

Yellow diamonds also have the highest Mohs hardness (the top line of the scale). The refractive index of diamonds is 2.42.

A fake from a real diamond can be distinguished in the following ways:

  • diamond can be scratched on the glass;
  • a diamond can not be spoiled with sandpaper;
  • a diamond is always cool because it does not conduct heat well;
  • it is impossible to read the text through a real diamond, although it looks transparent.

Yellow diamond


Diamonds are found not only on Earth, but also on meteorites arriving here. True, to find it in this space object is a rare luck. Diamonds are formed in the bowels of the Earth at high temperatures, and in meteorites at high cosmic pressure. Only under these conditions, the carbon atoms are lined up in the crystal lattice characteristic of the diamond.

In the upper layers of the soil, the crystals are squeezed out from a great depth - about 130 km. In streams of magma, they leak through cracks in the crust. Magma with crushed pieces of stones approaches the surface through peculiar channels called kimberlite pipes. Gems are usually searched for in them.

Today, synthetic diamonds are produced in thermobaric laboratories. To do this, create the necessary temperature and pressure. The jewelry market is 56% filled with synthetic crystals. From the point of view of purity, such artificial gems are ideal: no inclusions, no shades, no cracks. In fact, they differ only from youth in ancient diamonds, which are thousands of years old.

About 7 days are required to get an artificially yellow diamond. The properties, origin and extraction of them in nature are well known and thoroughly studied.


In Russia, diamonds are mined mainly in Yakutia. But most of all yellow diamonds in Russia were found in the meteorite crater of the Krasnoyarsk Territory in the Popigai field. Geologists are convinced that there are many tons of precious stones in it that arrived with meteorites.

The main supplier of yellow crystals of natural origin is Africa (up to 50%).

A few years ago, a diamond field was discovered in Australia. The number of yellow stones in it is higher than in any other corner of the planet - up to half of world reserves. The peculiarity of their mining is that ore with precious stones comes to the surface not through kimberlite, but through lamproite pipes made of volcanic rock.

Diamond Earrings

earrings with yellow diamonds

Earrings with yellow diamonds are made only from precious metals: gold, silver, platinum. The jewelry can be combined with other precious and semiprecious stones (topazes, pearls). Designers of the most fashionable brands Tiffany, Cartier, Bulgari do not limit their imagination in the choice of materials when creating exclusive jewelry, which include yellow diamonds as a central component. Every year, jewelry masters present all new masterpieces, which are subsequently deposited in various collections.

Tiffany or Bulgary earrings, including yellow diamonds, testify not only to the high social status of the owner, but also to her impeccable taste.

Diamond rings

A ring with a yellow diamond by jewelers is always created as a work of the highest jewelry art. The sunshine, the brilliance of the faces in the light, all the beauty of precious stones, fascinating people for centuries, is concentrated in this unusual crystal. If the jeweler succeeds in creating a ring with a yellow diamond, then the latter necessarily becomes the center of the composition. A wide range of colors and shades allows you to create fantastically beautiful combinations with stones of other colors and sizes.

Diamond Engagement Rings

yellow diamond engagement ring

Yellow gold and diamond engagement ring is ideal for loving couples. This decoration will look great on the hands of the newlyweds. Yellow diamonds with their hues of expensive sparkling champagne are able to give warmth to any jewelry. They will help create a happy mood in anticipation of happiness.

A wedding or engagement ring with a yellow diamond is not just one of the precious wedding accessories, it is a sign of mutual respect, a symbol of the promise of eternal fidelity. This is a luxury gift lovers to each other.A gift ring (yellow gold with diamonds) is not an eccentric outrage, but a promise of eternal and unchanging love, mutual support in this constantly changing world.


A diamond necklace is a necessary addition to the festive toilets of all celebrities. For promotional photos for the movie "Breakfast at Tiffany" Audrey Hepburn starred in a gorgeous necklace with a yellow diamond worth $ 25 million. Subsequently, this film was widely known. After the release of the film, the Tiffany style became the benchmark in the manufacture of such jewelry, and the brand itself became world famous.

Tiffany Solitaire is the most famous yellow diamond. On the famous necklace the crested golden bird with small ruby ​​eyes looks at everyone from its golden honey pedestal sparkling with all its numerous facets. Jeweler Kunz, before starting to cut a diamond, studied its properties for more than a year. The stone as a result of processing decreased by 128 carats, but at the same time acquired a fantastic shine of faces.

Yellow diamond

It is said that those who have seen this diamond will never forget it. The beauty of his attractive.For all his life, he only had two women to shine on his chest: the wife of Senator Sheldon Whitehouse at the Tiffany Ball in 1957 and Audrey Hepburn in 1961.

Magical properties

According to psychics and telepaths, diamonds have magical powers. In order for this force not to break down over time, it must be bathed regularly in running water.

For those who wear a diamond ring made of white or yellow gold, it will help to attract good luck, wealth and love into their lives. But all this happens only under certain conditions. It is common for a diamond to amplify both positive and negative emotions and thoughts. If a person is positive, he has good thoughts, then the stone contributes to strengthening the positive influence. He will bring good luck in deeds and in love, relieve from indecision, lack of self-confidence.

If thoughts and actions are directed towards evil, then owning a diamond will not bring anything but disappointment in life. A person can even lose all that he has accumulated before possessing a jewel: love, health, success in financial affairs. Judging by the stories of famous gems and their owners, this statement is completely true.

Yellow gold ring with a diamond

Medicinal properties

The healing power of diamonds was attributed in antiquity.Hindus, for example, believed that stones have a positive effect on the heart and brain, reduce fever, help with infectious diseases, relieve fatigue, and promote healthy sleep without heavy dreams. To get rid of heart pains, the diamond was put at night in a mug of water, which in the morning had to be drunk.

A ring with yellow and white diamonds was advised to wear to pregnant women as a guardian during childbirth. Such jewelry protected from poisoning. A diamond surrounded by emeralds enhances its healing properties many times. Therefore, jewelers often created such complex compositions for jewelry.

Folk signs and signs of the zodiac

In astrological predictions, the diamond has an important place. According to astrologers, this is an extremely strong stone, in which the maximum amount of all the energy of the zodiac signs is concentrated, so you can wear it to everyone without exception.

According to national signs, the loss of a pebble from the jewelry promised the girl a wedding soon, but only if the diamond fell and was later found.

The gift ring with a diamond symbolizes a long life in love and harmony.

A diamond obtained in a criminal way brings its misfortune of all kinds to its new owner, including violent death.

diamond ring white and yellow gold

Interesting facts about the yellow diamond

The most expensive diamond Graff Vivid Yellow was bought in Geneva at Sothebys for 16 million three hundred thousand dollars. Graff Vivid Yellow is considered unique not only by price, but also by the highest quality among all the gems that are known.

The symbol of the Tiffany jewelry brand is a yellow diamond of 128.54 carats in the Golden Bird brooches. It consists of 90 facets that jewelers received when cutting a crystal of 287 grams, by cutting off almost 100 carats of weight from it.

About the diamond of Louis XIV, the English poet Robert Southey wrote: “The curse will be upon you and it will be forever ...” The owners of this diamond weighing 110 carats were killed at various times, beheaded in the guillotine, or died in torment and poverty. In the 19th century, the jeweler Hendrix split a diamond into three stones. His son Hendrik stole the biggest diamond to pay off card debts with a certain Francois Beaulieu. His father died of grief, Hendrick committed suicide because of the pangs of conscience, Beaulieu died in complete poverty.

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